ADAS and Autopilot Market Specifications and Vision

In 2016, the global market size of ADAS is about 15 billion US dollars. China's current ADAS penetration rate is only 2 to 3%. It is estimated that by 2020, the penetration rate will reach 30%, and the Chinese market will have a scale of 200 billion yuan.

Why install Vision + Radar??

According to the 2017 traffic department survey, the number of road traffic accidents per year is nearly 267,000. 70% of traffic accidents are caused by vehicle lane changes, and the number of deaths is the highest in the world. Change lanes have early warnings, driving is safer, you have higher car skills, you can't see the vehicles in the blind spot, and you can't avoid accidents...

Blind area radar

All-weather operation, high accuracy in ranging and speed measurement.

Visual monitoring

The shape can be recognized and the false alarm is low.

Vision + Radar

After fusion, the radar supplements the visual error in distance.

Imported radar

Germany imported microwave radar, accurate detection, ranging 15 meters

Fear of bad weather

Working around the clock, not affected by the climate

Lossless original

Free punching, no wiring, easy installation

Commercial vehicle market radar + vision application

The car forward radar can detect multiple targets within 180 meters in front of the car in real time, and can adapt to the bad weather such as rain, snow and smog, and support all-weather work.

In 2017, the Ministry of Transport of China issued the “Safety Technical Conditions for Operating Passenger Cars”, requiring that the operating buses of 9 meters or more must be equipped with LDWS and AEB. With the promotion of national regulations and consumers' awareness of driving safety, the next five years (2020-2025) will be the period of explosive growth of the intelligent driving assistance market based on microwave radar. At present, the domestic market is still in its infancy and the market space is huge. The ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System is the technology foundation for autonomous driving and will be the first to be popular.

  • Military products, aerospace quality
  • Radar + video synchronization warning
  • After-vehicle warning, high-speed peace of mind
  • Rain and fog weather, bid farewell to the blind spot
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Market Expectation

Euro-NCAP has included SAS high-speed assistance, AEB automatic emergency braking, BSD blind zone detection and other intelligent driving assistance functions in the rating; AEB of commercial vehicles has been enforced. These features are based on microwave radar sensors. China's 13th Five-Year Plan requires independent brands to achieve more than 50% of driving assistance system installation rates. C-NCAP is discussing the development of standards and is expected to begin joining the AEB score in 2020. FCW, AEB, and SAS are the basic technologies for vehicle intelligentization and automatic driving.

News Center

[China. Nanjing] On January 8, Nanjing Wuzhi Intelligent Technology released the BSD radar for automobiles and quickly deployed sales and service networks. 2019, everything is ready to go!
24GHZ high-performance microwave radar, long-distance, large-scale, all-weather work. During the driving process, when the vehicle is approaching in the blind area after the side is detected, the driver will be reminded in the form of sound and light to make you safely change lanes.
BSD blind spot monitoring system is mainly to provide drivers, parking safety, active warning, safe lane change, blind zone is not blind, non-destructive original, free wiring, rainy days, smog all over the sky, heavy snow driving good helper, safety Lane change!
The development and maturity of BSD technology make up for the shortcomings of the camera in bad weather such as rain and fog. At the same time, with the development of technology, the cost of radar is getting lower and lower. The BSD blind spot monitoring product has successfully bypassed the "use" and "use". Can afford "two big pits.

R & D team

The millimeter-wave anti-collision radar system researched by the R&D team mainly covers active distance control cruise system, blind spot detection system, intelligent security radar system and other functions. Its internal 24GHZ and 77GHZ radar sensor solutions enable the entire ADAS system to be different for different dynamics. Early warning.